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Renewable Energy


Each SEED is an

Independent Power Producer that provides megawatts of power from food-waste bio-gas.


High-temperature stationary fuel cell technology uses chemistry to produce:

  • Megawatts of renewable electricity

  • Concentrated heat source for recapture

  • Thousands of gallons of deionized water

  • Purified hydrogen fuel for transportation

  • Food-grade carbon dioxide for farming

SEEDs act as a microgrid energy resource that supports critical infrastructure in a crisis.

Both stationary and mobile fuel cell technologies provide a network of municipal power solutions that can be deployed to power critical systems.


The SEED acts as an infrastructure backup utility in times of crisis.

Captured CO2 is fed to the SEED's onsite farm to precisely control crop yields.

Carbon capture provides another asset when paired with controlled environment agriculture. Allowing the SEED to have better control over agricultural systems within the vertical farm.


Hydrogen produced as a byproduct of the fuel cell energy system provides the SEED with an abundant source of zero-emissions fuel for distribution.

Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle technology excels in heavy-duty and long-range fleet applications. The SEED acts as a local source for municipal fleet fueling of renewable hydrogen.

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