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Seedling grown organic produce.


Click to view the USDA NOP decision.

Each SEED hosts both greenhouse & vertically farmed organic hydroponic farms.

Leveraging in-house precision fertilizer formulations for both liquid nutrients and grow-mediums; atmospheric sensor data; site-produced energy & purified CO2; each SEED is enabled to grow annual yields of organic, local produce.


Vertical farming for leafy greens.


Greenhouses for vegetables & fruit.


Seedling will grow a broader portfolio for less.

What makes Seedling indoor farms better than others?

Other vertical farms rely on purchasing their necessary energy and nutrients,

demanding a higher cost for consumers

(or business instability & limited portfolio for their farm).


Better inputs for better greenhouses.

SEED-produced grow mediums, trays, and nutrients from food-waste are formulated to be crop-specific.

Onsite energy systems provide atmospheric control for greenhouses.

Each SEED's academic partnership provides a farm as classroom for the next generation of urban & rural farmers.

Enabling more farmers, locally.


Researching & developing for the next generation.

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