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What is vertical farming?

Vertical farming is a controlled environmental agricultural practice that pairs hydroponics (water-based growing) with high efficiency lighting in a high efficiency indoor growing system.


This process eliminates the need for pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Please continue to visit as we update with the crop species we're growing and where to find them.


Below are some of the inspirational stories that brought us into this emerging industry...

Seedling Roots

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The Mirai Company: Japan

The Mirai Company in Japan designed one of the world's largest indoor farms.Based within giant semiconductor factory Japanese botanist and businessman Shigeharu Shimamura contracted General Electric to devise an LED system that uses 40 percent less energy and reduces food waste by nearly 30 percent. These towering rows of seed trays are stacked according to precise measurements of temperature, humidity and light.

Mirai's vertical farm grows 100 times more vegetables per square foot than conventional farming methods1.


See this farm in action in Tokyo’s Vertical Farms - The Future of Farming | WIRED


At Seedling, we've been inspired by the idea of bringing our food supply much closer to us...

...as it turns out, when you bring produce indoors, away from the changing climatic conditions of drought and soil erosion, you can multiply your efficiency!

Companies like AeroFarms and EdenWorks have inspired us to do better...cleaner...and more efficient!

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Hydroponic technologies vary as do the requirements of species grown. The technologies in this space are ever-evolving and we look forward to partnering with leading edge suppliers.


Seedling strives toward the highest quality and efficiency within this industry. We seek relationships with the top growers and will continue to evolve our technology to optimize our results.

Professor Dickson Despommier, a pioneer in the research and development of the industry, breaks down some of the driving forces behind why we are urbanizing our agricultural system.


Despommier has been an inspirational source in our development to close the loops of energy, nutrients, water and carbon.

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