A Circular Economic Agricultural Utility.

Today's solution to localized delivery still relies on combustion engine-driven solutions that emit noxious greenhouse gases.

How can these purveyors deliver health while producing harm?


Seedling's local delivery of fresh produce and market-ready fish daily, by hydrogen fuel cell vans that emit only pure water, enables the reclamation of water back into the Seedling hydrology system.

Our on-site hydrogen system can fill up to:

300 cars


25 city buses

per day!

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Seedling Roots

Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) have been in development for decades, but there's always been a lack of fueling infrastructure to support them...

Not Anymore!

With each Seedling location, we will provide fuel not only for our fleet, but for consumers to come fill up as well!

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Batteries are fine for laptops, but having experienced long charge times, limited lifespans, and dare we say combusting cell phones...

Seedling believes that hydrogen's store-ability, renew-ability, refuel-ability, and efficiency are the way of the near future. We're always thinking about tomorrow's advancements across other transportation methods.

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When comparing battery (BEV) technology to fuel cell (FCEV) technology, the benefits of payload capacity, refueling time, and additional water production positions FCEV as a preferred technology for commercial utility vehicles.

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