A Circular Economic Agricultural Utility.

Our on-site energy system is modeled on a high-temperature fuel cell in

tri-generation format.

This tri-generation system produces...

ELECTRICITY - to power our growing lights and water pumps

HEAT - to reform the natural gas through steam-methane reforming

HYDROGEN - to fuel our deliver fleet, resulting in zero-emissions transportation

...from natural gas produced in our anaerobic digester.

SCREENSHOT taken from the Resilient Power - Fuel Cells for Wastewater Treatment Plants presentation.

Seedling Roots

Dr. Jack Brouwer, from the National Fuel Cell Research Center at UC Irvine explains the flagship tri-generation system at the Orange County Wastewater Treatment facility.

Dr. Brouwer's visionary approach to systematic efficiency is at the heart of Seedling's approach to circular systems.

UCI Sustainability 2. 2013. "National Fuel Cell Research Center." Youtube. January 5.

Gill's Onions has proven the potential for high-temperature fuel cells to be paired with anaerobic digestion within the food system.

Their efforts have pioneered the plan on which Seedling was founded and continue to be an inspiration within the industry.

GillsOnion's Channel. 2010. "Gill's Advanced Energy Recovery System." Youtube. August 30.

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