A Circular Economic Agricultural Utility.

We use waste to keep the lights on... literally.

Through a biogas-producing process called ANAEROBIC DIGESTION we produce natural gas that powers our on-site energy system.


This digestion process also creates a nutrient-rich digestive, which is used to derive organic solid and liquid fertilizers.


Our goal is to partner with local Geoponic (soil-based) farmers to promote organic agriculture. We know the value of having relationships with local farmers. They have done a great service in providing our communities with hearty grains and root vegetables, and will continue to do so. We wish to support their efforts and maximize the localization of our food systems.

We are forming strategic partnerships with waste collectors, local grocers, markets, and our customers, to participate in food-waste take-back programs that feed our digester.


This system extends into our packaging through the selection of compostable materials that encourage our customers to reuse the packaging for food-waste collection.


View our inspiration below and see the Energy section of our website to see how our natural gas is converted into electricity and fuel for our delivery fleet!

Seedling Roots

Our friends over at DVO Digesters have been leaders in this industry for years. See how they helped enable Bio Town Ag to convert their farm waste into energy, powering their farm and the local community.

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