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What is aquaponics?

Pairing together aquaculture and hydroponics is referred to as AQUAPONICS.

This efficient means of enriching water with nutrients reduces our inputs.

As we progress with our development, we will continue to update this section to reflect our current species offering and the customers that we serve.


Please enjoy the inspirational stories of those who inspire us to do the most good...

Seedling Roots

Macfound. 2008. "Agriculturalist Will Allen: 2008 MacArthur Fellow | MacArthur Foundation." Youtube. September 23.

At Seedling, we are greatly inspired by the innovative work of Will Allen and Growing Power (Milwaukee). Allen's persistence to deliver healthy produce and fish to the community of Milwaukee earned him the MacArthur Foundation's Genius Grant in 2008.


Listen and watch Will explain how he came into the work and the benefits which it brings to the local community.

Image c/o hydroponicsinfocentral.com 2012. "Stocking Your Fish Farm With The Right Aquaponics Fish"

There are a number of species of fish and shellfish that can be grown through aquaponics. Seedling will produce the highest quality, most flavorful fish to provide the greatest value to our customers.

IIP. 2010. "Growing Power - A Model for Urban Agriculture." Youtube. October 13.

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