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Community-Centered Mission


We will be the most sustainable form of urban agriculture. Grown with organic-quality inputs to produce the healthiest, locally-grown produce 365 days per year. Grown by the community, for the community.


Future-Forward Vision


We will operate on the leading-edge of technology to fulfill our mission of sustainable urban agriculture. Keeping our commitment to sustainability through clean energy, clean transportation, and clean healthy food for our community.


Equitable Values


  • People - we will bring gainful employment to the members of our community, for they are the hands that grow our food and the mouths that consume it. We value the health and well-being of our community with the equal responsibility that we value the health of our planet.


  • Planet - we aim toward the ideology of ahimsa, meaning to do no harm. We know that the value derived from something is a direct result of the value given and is the basis of our approach to ecologically sustainable behaviors.


  • Prosperity - our ability to deliver on our values is intrinsic to our ability to derive prosperity from our actions. We extend this responsibility from our investors through the local community to our associates. Together, collectively we will prosper toward creating a healthier life and a healthier planet.


Our Offering:


Organic Fertilizer Subscriptions - precision formulated, organic certified fertilizer developed from food-waste.


Brokerage Services for Fertilizer Farm Customers - providing a direct-to-customer brokerage service to gain higher values for produce and meats from our fertilizer farm customers.


Organic Quality Produce - hydroponic grown produce, harvested at the peak of freshness, all year-long.


Clean Fuel - hydrogen produced for zero-emissions distribution of our offerings, and contractual sale to regional zero-emissions fleets.


Renewable Energy - produced on-site from food-waste biogas, provides micro-grid emergency response for the community.


Fish - grown first for restocking of rivers, lakes, and streams, then for market sale.

We are here to maximize the prosperity of the people and the planet equally.

See how we got here:

Please see some of our presentations below, including a portion of our pitch deck and our presentation to the Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Expo.

Our founder built Seedling upon peer-reviewed publications and research to address the triple-bottom line and to create a business that is equitable to the people, planet, and profit of the communities that we serve.


This brief overview shows the Masters thesis work that compares the anticipated performance of an 80-container Seedling installation to other published vertical farms.

See our introductory crowd-funding campaign.


We expressed a vision that supports Philadelphia's commitment to vertical farming.


We have learned that Seedling is adaptable and scalable to communities of all sizes.

As we continue to evolve our installation potentials, we are seeking investment opportunities within individual locations as well as within Seedling LLC.


This quick pitch was created to help Seedling source partners, investors, and capital for a Philadelphia-based installation.


The quantitative content included are estimations and may vary from actual performance and installation costs.

Our efforts to bring awareness to the efficiency and universality of hydrogen fuel cell applications is reflected in our work within the industry.

This webinar focuses on Volkswagen ZEV Mitigation Funding applications and technologies that are currently in the market and fit within the Mitigation guidelines for zero-emissions.

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Triple Bottom Line Philosophy

We seek to do the most good for our community through the localization of clean & healthy food, gainful employment, and equal opportunities.

We know that we will only be as strong as our community.

We know that our commitment to our community and our investors is only as true as our business is strong.

We strive to grow larger, not at the cost of others, but to the benefit of all.

At the core of everything we do is a guiding principle of ecology and truthful sustainability.

Our entire system is built upon a belief that we can do more with less and maximize efficiency to minimize impact.

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